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Alan Schofield

Alan Graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of Applied Science, working within the pulp and paper industry in research and marketing for four years. From there he moved into the IT sector working with large mining companies in western and northern Australia. Following a two year OE he returned to Tasmania and spent four years in marketing & sales with Tasmanian Alkaloids supplying pharmaceutical alkaloids to over 30 countries around the world. He then crossed “The Ditch” to work with Tasman Pulp and Paper (TPP) in Kawerau, firstly as Customer Services Manager and then Business Unit Manager for the mechanical pulping operations, one of the largest operations of its kind in the world at that time. During his six years with TPP he also took on studies in finance and management. He left TPP in 1998 to establish a consulting and training partnership specializing in strategy, project management, leadership and organizational governance and has worked with many of NZ’s largest companies and professional bodies.

Looking for a life changing experience Alan spent three years living and working in Tanzania as Business Development Adviser to the Tanganyika Farmers’ Association, a farmers co-operative struggling to survive in the increasingly competitive (and corrupt) environment of East Africa. His role was to establish a new strategic direction and support management to successfully implement a transformational strategy. The job also included a major overhaul of governance practices and management systems.

Having been an active investor since his university days and a client of PAM for more than 15 years prior to joining the team, Alan understands and believes in the PAM investment philosophy; through good and not so good times. His broad knowledge of the corporate world and serving customers’ needs have been a valuable addition to our advisory team.

Alan joined PAM in 2011 and completed qualifications to become an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA) in mid-2012. He now has his transitional licence as a Financial Advice Provider and is working towards full licencing by March 2023 as we all must do. Alan considers himself fortunate to be working with one of the most experienced and respected teams in the business, a team that really does put the clients' interests first. Having not been tainted by the culture of commissions and/or trailing fees from product providers and having an open mind he has been a ‘good fit’ with PAM. 

Alan works closely with Brent, Graeme and Ange to ensure client advice is well researched and truly in the clients' best interests. 

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Alan John SCHOFIELD (FSP206967) [FSP (Individual)] Registered

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Financial advice service (including financial advisers)

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